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How do I view and approve my proof?

This depends on the type of proof requested:


Once you receive your physical inkjet proof, you should receive a link in your email that will take you to a page with an "Approve" button and a "Upload New Files" button.


This option is for those of our clients who wish to have their jobs as fast as possible, and are willing to accept all liability for their job, EVEN IF THERE IS AN ERROR IN PROCESSING. Jobs with this proofing method will not wait for client approval and will move to press. Although this is the fastest method, we do not recommend it.


With this proofing method selected you will receive a link in your email that will take you to a page with several buttons. You will have the opportunity to download a .pdf of your print-ready file. You can choose to download the “High-Res” version (high-resolution, much larger file, we recommend this), or the “Low-Res” version (much smaller, but downsampled quality.) Make sure you are viewing your proof with Adobe Acrobat Professional with OVERPRINT PREVIEW ON. After reviewing your proof, you may click either the “Approve Proof” button or the "Upload New Files" button. Alternatively, if you see that your job is in the department of "Prepress" and has the status of "Proof Email Sent" but you have not received a link to your proof, your can log into your Client Dashboard click on the job in "Pending Jobs" and below it a "View Proof" button will appear. This will lead you to the same proofing page described above.

Viewing PDF proofs with Dimensional Coating

To view online PDF proofs with Dimensional Coating for accuracy:
  1. Open your proof in Adobe Acrobat PROFESSIONAL (not Adobe Reader).
  2. Notice that the areas that the "Dimensional Clear" will be applied to, will be an transparent green color.
  3. Go to the menu: Advanced > Print Production > Output preview This will bring up a pallet with all the colors used.
  4. Uncheck the box next to the green spot color named "NexPress DryInk raised clear" or "DIMENSIONAL". You may recheck this box to check the clear separation positioning if you chose.
Note: In order to view your online .pdf proof, your job MUST be in the "Prepress" department, with the status of "Proof Emailed". Please note that jobs not in this status, and jobs already approved, are not accessible online.