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Will your printing match a previously printed sample exactly?

The short answer is probably not. We print with a stochastic screening method that is close to the equivalent of 450lpi, which allows for a larger color gamut, because the dots are smaller. We print more colors, but this probably means it will not exactly match conventional screening (i.e. light screens that printed dark and clunky at 200lpi will be smooth, and clean, with a smaller dot; appearing lighter). Also where most printers are subjective, and choose to change the pressruns by arbitrarily adding color personal "taste", we are objective in our methods to yield more consistent results.

Gang run printing is parallel to making a pot of great coffee; each batch is slightly different. You get the cost benefit of sharing a presssheet with many other customers, but you get a print job that is run objectively to density, within tolerances. That being said, we are still VERY close from pressrun to pressrun.