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Can I order multiple versions of a job in the same order?

Yes, ONLY on business card orders provided all the versions are the SAME specifications, including quantity. On the initial ordering screen, you select the specifications as if you were only ordering one version. This especially relates to quantity. You select the quantity you want of EACH version, not the quantity you want total. On the second ordering screen you will see a field that is labeled "versions." Duplicates of the EXACT same specifications will be calculated into the order based on what number you enter there. If for example you select a quantity of 1000, and enter "4" in the versions field, you will end up with an order for 1000 EACH of 4 VERSIONS. There is no way to break the versions into mismatched quantities other than placing individual orders.

Keep in mind our SHOPPING CART allows you to place separate orders of different products, and only checkout and pay once to simplify the process.