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Why am not getting automated emails about my print job?

More than likely, there is some type of filter preventing you from receiving our emails. We are in no way, shape, or form, responsible for your filters preventing us from communicating with you.

There are usually two varieties of these filters, sometimes you can correct the issue yourself. The first type of filter is located in the Settings or Preferences of your email program. You should be able to put our company's domain on a "safe list" to prevent emails from us from being blocked.

The second type of blocking is done by your internet service provider. This is an attempt to protect their customers from getting junk mail. You may try contacting them for assistance, but some are unwilling to make exceptions to their predefined policies. Examples of this are SOME customers with COMCAST and AOL (America Online) email accounts. The only alternative in this situation is to make a secondary, free, email account with a service such as Google (, or Hotmail ( You can either check this account separately, or forward emails to your existing account.