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C1S (Coated One Side)

Abbreviation for a type of paper that is coated on one side, and not on the reverse side.

C2S (Coated Two Sides)

Short for a type of paper that is coated on both the front and back surface of the sheet.

Client Dashboard

The interface developed for our clients to manage their jobs and accompanying paperwork with us. In your client dashboard you can order, track, pull up invoices, get custom estimates and so much more.


Abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black). This is the industry standard process colors used in full- color offset printing. The combination of these four colors can produce a wide array of colors.

Coated Paper

Paper with a thin surface coating of clay that produces a smooth finish.


The placement of printed sheets in numerical or alphabetical order.

Color Correction

The process of adjusting and improving color qualities such as color balance and contrast, to achieve desirable colors.

Color Gamut

The entire range of hues possible to reproduce using a specific device, such as a computer screen, or system, such as four-color process printing.

Color Shift

Change in image color resulting from changes in register, ink densities or dot gain during four-color process printing.

Comb Bind

A method of binding by inserting a plastic comb through holes along the side or edge of a stack of pages.

Computer-to-Plate (CTP)

A technology that enables transfer of digital data directly to a metal plate for printing, eliminating the use of conventional films.