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How should I prepare a file for Dimensional Clear layer?

1. Build or import your file into a industry-standard raster or vector program, such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, or InDesign.

2. Create a new layer (in Photoshop create a new spot-color channel)

3. Select image, text or pattern that you wish to have the Dimensional Clear coating, and make a copy of these items into the new layer or channel you created. Be sure to build in bleed .125 as needed

4. Fill the selected area with a spot color named "DIMENSIONAL"; specify this to overprint.

6. Make sure all other spot colors besides the "DIMENSIONAL" are converted to process (CMYK)

5. Export final file for submission:

  • Photoshop save files as DC2
  • Illustrator save files as .eps or .pdf
  • InDesign save files as .pdf

6. Open and check your exported file; then submit to be printed