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What is AQ (Aqueous) coating?

AQ coating is a thin subtle coating applied to print, strictly for protection and to allow the printing of the backside immediately. In most cases, unless you know what to look for, there is only a subtle difference in sheen to the AQ coated side of a job. Aqueous is similar to watered-down version of the white glue like you may have used in grade school. Aqueous is offered standard on all of our coated stocks, except for 14pt jobs (like business cards) which we also offer UV coating.


Can your AQ (Aqueous) coating be written on or inkjetted?

Only with specific products. For inkjetting, ONL Y certain inkjetting machines with specialized inks, are able to imprint without smearing. For writing, ball-point pens, some pencils, and permanent markers work. Remember that we offer coated 1 SIDE ONL Y products that will allow you writing and inkjetting on the backside. Also be sure to check your proofs carefully to ensure the COATING SIDE is the one you intend.